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About us

If you had visited us five years ago, when we started working at Canvas Gallery, you wouldn't have recognized our premises.

We were just simple artists with the project of embellishing our interior decorations with our artistic touch.

We personally painted our first paintings, hanging them on the walls to let them dry.

Soon we had a strong demand for the canvases we paint. Productions anticipated in advance made us work feverishly at night, supported by a good logistic service preparing parcels next door.

Our first printer gave us the opportunity to create beautiful designs for our digital or photographic paintings. We were delighted with it!

Eight months later, in order to find more space for our new equipment (and to start the development of our technology park), we had to enlarge our premises.

From the very beginning our team was international and thanks to this, our point of view was never limited to one country.

In the beginning most of the paintings were sent to houses of our German neighbours.

Our decorations are now present in more than 40 countries all over the world. And even in some countries quite far away, such as Brazil or the Congo. However, we aim even further and wider, wishing to be present everywhere in the world.
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